Regular updates on a CMS

There is a fear among admin's of updates rendering websites unusable. This fear was definitely justified


Version 2.7 and above

Starting from WordPress 2.7 WordPress has a "one-click" update mechanism.

  • The location of "one-click" update button is the following
    • Navigate to the admin dashboard page
    • Once on the admin dashboard there should be an update link which will forward you to the update page

Version 3.7 and above

Starting from WordPress 3.7 WordPress hase an automatic background updates feature. This feature will allow an admin to engage background updates. Do note that depending on the configuration will only cause updates of minor versions i.e 3.7.X to 3.7.Y and not 3.7 to 3.X or 4.X. We will configure it to do all updates. To enable the feature follow the step listed bellow:

  • In your wp-config.php (it is located in your WordPress installation folder) add the line

Version 2.6 and below

Please consider updating as when a WordPress installation becomes infected with spam it will be taken down.


Version 6.x and above

When wanting to update drupal it is recommended to use "Drush". Drush is an update script for drupal installations. To update drupal using drush follow the steps bellow:

  • First set your site to maintenance mode
drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 1
  • Secondly remove any cache drupal may have generated
drush cache-clear all
  • afterwards update
drush up drupal
  • it is recommended that you check the settings.php file compared to the default default.settings.php file (located in sites/ and sites/default/ respectively).
  • lastly revert from maintenance mode and clear the cache again
drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 0
drush cache-clear all

Drupal 5.x and below

Please consult the dropal documentation