Add an alias in Gmail

NoticeTo use a forwarder as an alias, access to the KU Leuven SMTP server is required

Since 24 February 2023, not all students have access to by default anymore. If you are unable to send emails after following the instructions outlined in our documentation, then you may have to register on to (re)gain SMTP access.

You may want to send e-mail from Gmail using your address, or another domain name that you use for your account. Gmail allows you to do this, but asks for SMTP info. We don't provide SMTP on our own mail server, but you can use the SMTP servers of the KU Leuven. Because you should only be able to send mails from an email address you actually own, make sure that you configured receiving mails before starting this process. Gmail will send a confirmation mail to the provided email address to confirm that you own it.

  1. In Gmail, click on the gear icon at the top right.
  2. Click See all settings (Dutch: Alle instellingen bekijken).
  3. Go to the tab Accounts and Import (Dutch: Accounts en import).
  4. Under Send mail as: (Dutch: Mail verzenden als:), click on: Add another email address (Dutch: Nog een e-mailadres toevoegen).
  5. Fill in the email address you want to send from, and check Treat as an alias. (Dutch: Beschouwen als alias.) More info:
  6. Optionally: Enter a Name, the recipient will see this name instead of or next to your email address.
  7. Click on Next step (Dutch: Volgende stap).
  8. Fill in the KU Leuven SMTP information (Dutch):
    • SMTP server:
    • Port: 465
    • Username: your KU Leuven intranet userid r or u-number e.g. r0123456
    • Password: your central KU Leuven password
    • Secured connection using: SSL
  9. Click on the Add Account (Dutch: Account toevoegen) button.
  10. Confirm your request using the link or code, you just received via an email on the address you provided.

You can now send emails in Gmail from this address:

  1. In Gmail, click Compose (Dutch: Opstellen).
  2. Click on the email address next to From (Dutch: Van).
  3. Select the email address you want to send from.