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You can find more information about DNS at
You can find more information about DNS at

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By default, your website is accessible at the following URLs:


Where username is your ULYSSIS user name.

If you wish, you can also register another domain name. ULYSSIS isn't a domain name registrar, so you'll have to use an external registrar. For example, you can find a list of all registrars for .be at

If you have registered your own domain and you want to use it with your ULYSSIS account, you need to:

  1. Point your domain name to the following ULYSSIS nameservers:
    3. Optionally:
  2. Mail us at, with the following details:
    1. Your ULYSSIS username
    2. The domain name you registered
    3. The directory that you want the domain to point at. This could be your www folder, but any other folder within your home directory is possible.
    4. Whether you want to receive e-mail at that domain name via ULYSSIS. Note that we need to request this with ICTS, so this will take a while.

Please do keep in mind that, just like any change to an account, this can only be requested by the account holder.

You can find more information about DNS at