Installing packages

While most webhosting providers give you access to a few or even just one programming language and a set amount of libraries, ULYSSIS prefers to offer more flexibility. We hope to give our users the chance to experiment with different languages, libraries and tools. There are of course also limits to what is realistic for us to install. More on that below.

Using a programming language, library or tool that is not installed

If the package that you would like us to install is available in the software repository of our current operating system, then that is usually not a problem. We currently use Ubuntu on all our servers, specifically, we upgrade to the latest LTS every summer vacation following the release of a new one. You can verify which version we are running by executing "cat /etc/lsb-release" on one of our shellservers. After you have verified what version we are running, you can refer to to check whether your package is available in that version of Ubuntu. If it is, then you can contact us by email on which package or packages you would like to have installed, and what you will be using it for. You will most likely get a positive response. If your package is not in the repository, you will have to go for a Manual installation

Using a newer/different version

Manual installation