Your ulyssis account includes an email address: It is important you check your ulyssis mail regularly, because all important information will be sent to this address. You can check your e-mail using the webmail or an email client of your own.


You can access your mail via a webinterface: Use your username and password to enter the website.

POP and IMAP access

You can access your ulyssis mail by POP or IMAP protocol. The configuration parameters are:

  • server:
  • username: your ULYSSIS username
  • password: your ULYSSIS password
  • security: SSL


ULYSSIS doesn't offer SMTP. Instead, you can use KULeuven's SMTP server:

  • server:
  • port: 443
  • username: your student id
  • password: your KULeuven password
  • security: SSL


Your emails are stored within your account under ~/Maildir. These files can of course be read with a command line email client such as alpine or mutt.

Beyond that we also support sendmail style local delivery using .forward. More information is available in the official documentation of [Sendmail] and Postfix You can also use procmail on our services. A very detailed explenation on procmail is available on the Arch Linux wiki