Your ulyssis account includes an email address: It is important you check your ulyssis mail regularly, because all important information will be sent to this address. You can check your e-mail using the webmail or an email client of your own.


You can access your mail via a webinterface: Use your username and password to enter the website.

POP and IMAP access

You can access your ulyssis mail by POP or IMAP protocol. The configuration parameters are:

  • server:
  • username: your ULYSSIS username
  • password: your ULYSSIS password
  • security: SSL


ULYSSIS doesn't offer SMTP. Instead, you can use KULeuven's SMTP server:

  • server:
  • port: 443
  • username: your student id
  • password: your KULeuven password
  • security: SSL


Your emails are stored within your account under ~/Maildir. These files can of course be read with a command line email client such as alpine or mutt.

Beyond that we also support sendmail style local delivery using .forward. More information is available in the official documentation of Sendmail and Postfix. You can also use procmail on our services. A very detailed explenation on procmail is available on the Arch Linux wiki