Mailbox in Thunderbird

When you create a ULYSSIS account, you get an email address: It is possible to check this mailbox via However, it is far more convenient and efficient to use a standalone email client. This article will explain the process of adding a mailbox to the Thunderbird client. Do note: this article is written for users who opted for a ULYSSIS mailbox. not for users who opted for a forwarded email address.


Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client made by Mozilla. It is available for download at The installation process is fairly easy and thus will not be covered in this article.

Adding a ULYSSIS mailbox to Thunderbird

If this is the first mailbox being added to Thunderbird, the following pop-up should come up:

First Open TB.png

If the pop-up did not come up, or this is not your first mailbox; it is possible to click the Email button (highlighted in blue) under the "Set Up Another Account" section:

New Mailbox.png

Once the pop-up is present, it becomes possible to dial in the settings for a mailbox. The first step is to fill in the Email adress field:

Fill in email.png

Notice, the button "Configure manually..." on the bottom left has become clickable. When this button is clicked, the pop-up should look like this:

Click Configure Manually.png

Now, fill in the information as follows:

Fill advanced.png
Manual settings
Protocol: IMAP SMTP
Port: 993 443
Authentication: Autodetect Autodetect
Username: ULYSSIS-username r-number


The ports used to configure a ULYSSIS mailbox, are not automatically recognized by Thunderbird. This means they should be entered manually instead of using the drop-down.

The "Re-test" button on the bottom right is used to validate the settings. When pressed, the pop-up should look like this:

After Clicking Retest GOOD.png

If this test succeeds, the pop-up can be closed by pressing the "Done" button on the bottom right. When the pop-up closes, a mailbox should be added to the left side of the main Thunderbird window.

After Clicking Done.png

Notice, there is no email present yet. This can be resolved by pressing the "Get Messages" button on the top left of the window:

After Clicking GetMessages.png

After this first setup, the mailbox should synchronize automatically.