Mailbox in Thunderbird

When you create a ULYSSIS account, you get an email address: It is possible to check this mailbox via However, it is far more convenient and efficient to use a standalone email client. This article will explain the process of adding a mailbox to the Thunderbird client. Do note: this article is written for users who opted for a ULYSSIS mailbox. not for users who opted for a forwarded email address.


Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client made by Mozilla. It is available for download at The installation process is fairly easy and thus will not be covered in this article.

Adding a ULYSSIS mailbox to Thunderbird

If this is the first mailbox being added to Thunderbird, the following pop-up should come up:

First Open TB.png

If the pop-up did not come up, or this is not your first mailbox; it is possible to click the Email button (highlighted in blue) under the "Set Up Another Account" section:

New Mailbox.png

Once the pop-up is present, it becomes possible to dial in the settings for a mailbox. The first step is to fill in the Email adress field:

Fill in email.png

Notice, the button "Configure manually..." on the bottom left has become clickable. When this button is clicked, the pop-up should look like this:

Click Configure Manually.png

Now, fill in the information as follows:

Fill advanced.png
Manual settings
Protocol: IMAP SMTP
Port: 993 443
Authentication: Autodetect Autodetect
Username: ULYSSIS-username r-number


The ports used to configure a ULYSSIS mailbox, are not automatically recognized by Thunderbird. This means they should be entered manually instead of using the drop-down.

The "Re-test" button on the bottom right is used to validate the settings. When pressed, the pop-up should look like this:

After Clicking Retest GOOD.png

If this test succeeds, the pop-up can be closed by pressing the "Done" button on the bottom right. When the pop-up closes, a mailbox should be added to the left side of the main Thunderbird window. After this first setup, the mailbox should synchronize automatically.

After Clicking GetMessages.png