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[[Category:Security & anti-spam]]
[[Category:Security & anti-spam]]

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Google's recaptcha

What is recaptcha and how/will it help prevent spam ?

For answers to those questions you can look at google's page about recaptcha (


This installation guide requires drupal 6,7 or preferably 8 (or higher). Note this installation requires captcha and recaptcha, these are different plugins and not a type error.

    • Extract the archives into sites/all/modules/[recaptcha/captcha]respectively and relative to your own drupal installation (this folder may need to be created manually)
  • Now navigate to your drupal administration page in your browser (/admin/modules)
    • Search for captcha and enable it
    • Search for recaptcha and enable it
  • Once complete it is critical to configure your captcha setting in the web interface (/admin/config/people/captcha) and do not forget to enable the captcha-points (/admin/config/people/captcha/captcha-points).