Preventing spam on Joomla

Google's recaptcha

What is recaptcha and how does/will it help prevent spam ?

For answers to those questions you can look at google's page about recaptcha(


This installation guide requires joomla 3.4 (or higher).

  • Navigate to the admin panel of your joomla instalation
    • Select plugins from the extentions panel in the top menu.
  • Search for recaptcha in the search box
    • Enable recaptcha by clicking on the status icon next to recaptcha
  • One complete it is critical that you configure your recaptcha properly
    • Go to recaptcha's configuration page by selecting recaptcha in the above mentioned panel
    • make sure you select version 2 (default is version 1)
    • Fill in the required keys you got on google's recaptcha's administrator page
  • Once done joomla will begin to require recaptcha's