Preventing spam on MediaWiki

About ReCaptcha

Google introduced a new generation of ReCaptcha, called NoCaptcha in 2014. Using the MediaWiki extension ConfirmEdit, NoCaptcha can be used to prevent spam on wikis. ConfirmEdit is bundled with MediaWiki by default, but to enable NoCaptcha, you will have to get an API key from Google.


The NoCaptcha ConfirmEdit extension requires MediaWiki 1.26 or higher.

First, you have to get an API key from Google. Go to Google's ReCaptcha administrator page and register your website. You will need to select reCAPTCHA v2, and "I'm not a robot" Checkbox. After registering your website, you will be presented with a public site key and a private secret key.

Now you have to install and configure the ConfirmEdit extension. Locate the LocalSettings.php file in your MediaWiki installation folder and add the following lines to it:

wfLoadExtensions([ 'ConfirmEdit', 'ConfirmEdit/ReCaptchaNoCaptcha' ]);
$wgCaptchaClass = 'ReCaptchaNoCaptcha';
$wgReCaptchaSiteKey = 'your public/site key here';
$wgReCaptchaSecretKey = 'your private/secret key here';

More information about the configuration options for advanced usage can be found here: