Preventing spam on Wordpress

Google's recaptcha

What is recaptcha and how/will it help prevent spam ?

For answers to those questions you can look at google's page about recaptcha(


This installation guide requires Wordpress 3.8 or higher

  • Go to the Wordpress recaptcha plugin site ( and download the latest version on our site in to the Wordpress installation folder
  • Extract the contents of the archive in to ./wp-content/plugins/
  • Navigate to the Wordpress admin dashbord and select the plugin link (on the left side of the dashboard)
  • Activate the google recaptcha plugin
  • This will give you a link to the configuration page of the plugin or you can select the settings link located below the plugin
  • Follow the instructions on the page and depending on your configuration recaptcha will start

Video instructions

The makers of the Wordpress recaptcha have a video tutorial. This will supplement the above instructions, particularly the last step. (