At ULYSSIS we try to prevent as much spam as possible from ending up in our users mailboxes or being passed through forwarders. However, as we offer email to many organisations that post information in several languages, we also attract a lot of non-English spam. Because of this, regular spam filters may miss out on some of the spam.

To further prevent spam from being delivered, we've not only enabled extra features to look for bulk emails, dubious cryptocurrency hashes and unexpected languages, but we've also written many custom spam tests based on common patterns within spam our users receive. We depend on gathering samples of spam and comparing them to regular email to decide what kind of custom test may be useful and what score we should give it. We therefore encourage users who receive spam in their ULYSSIS mailbox or through a forwarder hosted on our services to forward us their spam on Keep in mind that we can achieve much better results if you supply us with all the headers when you forward your spam. You can refer to this guide by the University of Auckland if you don't know how to do this. Spammers are also free to send us as much email as they like on!