ULYSSIS offers a public FTP server for large open source and public domain downloads. While the main focus lies on Linux distributions, there are also some pieces of software and a few movies available on our FTP.


It is also important to note that content downloaded from is not deducted from your kotnet/campusnet download cap. So feel free to make requests.

Accessing FTP using a Graphical Interface

You can either use a web browser of an FTP client to access our FTP server.

Simply point your web browser to and you can start browsing our files and downloading them to your computer.

You can also use an FTP client like Filezilla or Cyberduck. If you only enter the host,, in these applications they usually default to anonymous FTP and will give you access to our files straight away.

Accessing FTP using the Command Line

You can simply access our FTP server using the ftp command


As your username you enter anonymous and the password you leave empty, this opens an anonymous and public session.

Afterwards you can simple move through the directories using cd and ls, and get files using the get command.