Using MySQL

Creating a MySQL user

To use MySQL on your ULYSSIS account you first need to create a MySQL user on [1]. In the MySQL section of the panel you will be suggested to click a link to create a user. Then fill in a password for the database user. It is highly recommended that this password differs from the password you use for your account. Then you just click Create user and you are ready to go.

Creating a MySQL database

After creating a MySQL user, you can simple press Add database in [2] and enter the name for your new database. It will automatically be prefixed by your username.

Using MySQL for your website or application

Username: your account's username
Password: the password you chose when you made the MySQL user
Database: the database name you chose, prefixed by your username

For example, if my username is foobar, I made a database called website and I were to create a PHP application I would use something like this:

$db = new mysqli('', 'foobar', 'correct horse battery staple', 'foobar_website');


$db = new PDO(';dbname=foobar_website', 'foobar', 'correct horse battery staple');

Managing MySQL with PHPMyAdmin

Accessing MySQL from outside of our network