What is SSHFS?

SSHFS is a very usefull command that enables you to mount your homedirectory directly to your filemanager on your PC. It's an alternative for ftp-programs like FileZilla.

SSHFS in Linux

To set up SSHFS in Linux is very easy. You just have to type the folowing command in your terminal:

sshfs path/on/your/local/machine

ssh2 can also be replaced by ssh1. You change username to your username of ULYSSIS. path/on/your/local/machine has to be a path to an empty folder on your pc.

SSHFS in Mac

SSHFS isn't standard in the Mac OS terminal. You have to download and install a program that enables this function, namely FUSE for OS X. Once this program is running everything is the same as in Linux, so just use the same command.

SSHFS in Windows

If you want to use sshfs on Windows, you need a third party program. For example this one .