Adding domain names

From ULYSSIS documentation

While your ULYSSIS account comes with a subdomain of and based on your username, it can be useful and practical to use a personalised domain like a .be, .com or .org for a specific organisation, person or event.

To register such a domain, you will have to purchase it from an external registrar, as ULYSSIS doesn't currently offer these kinds of services. You are free to chose any registrar (or reseller) that offers the kind of domain you are looking for. Some registrars are more or less expensive depending on what level of service they offer. You can use lists like the one made available by DNS Belgium and ICANN if you are unsure where to start.


Please don't configure your domain to use, not only will it not work, it may result in unpredictable behaviour.

After you have registered your own domain and you want to use it with your ULYSSIS account, you need to:

  1. Point your domain name to the following ULYSSIS nameservers:
  2. Mail us at, with the following details:
    • Your ULYSSIS username
    • The domain name you registered
    • The directory that you want the domain to point at. If you only have one website, this will almost always be the www folder, but any other folder within your home directory is possible. It's also possible to configure a domain to redirect to another domain or website. In that case please mention the specific URL.
    • Whether you want to receive e-mail at that domain name via ULYSSIS. Note that we need to request this with ICTS, so this will take a while.

Please do keep in mind that, just like any change to an account, this can only be requested by the account holder.

You can find more information about DNS at