Claiming a port

From ULYSSIS documentation

Short answer

You can't, no use in trying.

Long answer

We do not permit aribitrary access to ports from our firewall and users are not supposed to try claiming ports. We offer classic webhosting, version control, and basic shell access. You are free to run applications, within bounds of what is reasonable, legal and ethical, on our shellservers. But they cannot claim arbitrary ports and you won't be able to access those ports anyway.

Besides the fact that this is not a service we wish to offer, it's also very hard to do this in an orderly and secure way. We would have to assign users specific ports, and check those are used correctly, furthermore proxies would be necessary for production, as no one wants their visitors to be forced to enter port numbers. Beyond that, there are tons more practical issues that would have to be solved.

In most cases, you are better off using FastCGI or CGI. We support both of these protocols, and have documentation and examples for our users on Using (Fast)CGI for non-PHP websites. If this is not what you are looking for, then we are afraid you will have to look at other services, such as VPSes, by commercial providers.