Getting Apache logs

From ULYSSIS documentation

You can find all your Apache logs (like access.log and error.log) on all of our shell servers in the directory /var/log/apache_user/username. For more information on how to access your files, please visit Accessing your files.

Using Cyberduck (graphical interface)

You can access the log files using an SFTP client like Cyberduck. After logging in to one of our shell servers as per Accessing your files, click on "Go" on the top bar and then click "Go to Folder...":

Getting Apache Logs - Cyberduck 1.png

Then enter /var/log/apache_user/username as path name (replace username with your own username):

Getting Apache Logs - Cyberduck 2.png

After pressing "Go", you will see a directory for each of your websites, containing their Apache logs.

Getting Apache Logs - Cyberduck 3.png

You can view a log file by selecting it and pressing the "Edit" button.

Getting Apache Logs - Cyberduck Edit button.png

After a few days, logs will be compressed into a bz2 file. You can download such a file and open it with 7-Zip.

Using the command line

You can also access your logs by logging in to one of our shell servers over SSH and navigating to the correct directory:

username@ssh1:~$ cd /var/log/apache_user/username

username@ssh1:/var/log/apache_user/username$ ls

username@ssh1:/var/log/apache_user/username$ cd

username@ssh1:/var/log/apache_user/username/$ ls
access-2014-05-07.log error-2014-05-07.log

username@ssh1:/var/log/apache_user/username/$ tail error-2014-05-07.log 
[Wed May 07 01:27:14 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/user/username/www/favicon.ico

If you can't find your username inside of /var/log/apache_user, don't worry. If you enter it with cd username, it will automatically appear.