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You can find all your apache logs (like the access.log and error.log) on all of our shell servers in the directory: /var/log/apache_user/username

So if your username is foobar then you can easily access your logs this way:

foobar@zap:~$ cd /var/log/apache_user/foobar

foobar@zap:/var/log/apache_user/foobar$ ls

foobar@zap:/var/log/apache_user/foobar$ cd

foobar@zap:/var/log/apache_user/foobar/$ ls
access-2014-05-07.log error-2014-05-07.log

foobar@zap:/var/log/apache_user/foobar/$ tail error-2014-05-07.log 
[Wed May 07 01:27:14 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/user/foobar/www/favicon.ico

If you can't find your username inside of /var/log/apache_user, don't worry. If you enter it with cd foobar, it will automatically appear.

With FileZilla

You can also access the log files with an SFTP client, like FileZilla. Just enter /var/log/apache_user/username (replace username with your username) on the right hand side, where it says "Remote site", and press Enter: