Add an alias in Hotmail/Outlook

From ULYSSIS documentation

NoticeAdding an alias to Hotmail/Outlook is not advised

Hotmail/Outlook does not use a relevant SMTP server, for example the one of the KU Leuven, to send emails as an alias. This may cause recipients to automatically reject your email or mark it as spam. You can circumvent this issue by using Thunderbird or another email provider. Please refer to Using a forwarder as an alias for some potential alternatives.

You may want to send e-mail from using your address, or another domain name that you use for your account. allows you to do this by configuring a few settings. Because you should only be able to send mails from an e-mail address you actually own, make sure that you configured receiving mails before starting this process. will send a confirmation mail to the provided e-mail address to confirm that you own it.

  1. In, click on your profile image.
  2. Click My Microsoft account (Dutch: Mijn Microsoft-account).
  3. Go to the tab Your info (Dutch: Je gegevens).
  4. Under Account info (Dutch: Rekeninggegevens) click on: Sign-in preferences (Dutch: Aanmeldingsvoorkeuren).
  5. You will have to log in again to proceed. Click Add email (Dutch: E-mailadres toevoegen).
  6. Select Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias (Dutch: Een bestaand e-mailadres als een Microsoft-accountalias toevoegen) and fill in the email address you want to send from.
  7. Click Add alias (Dutch: Alias toevoegen).
  8. Confirm your request using the link or code, you just received via an email on the address you provided.

You can now send emails in from this address:

  1. In, click New message (Dutch: Nieuw bericht).
  2. Click on From (Dutch: Van) and select the email address.