Using a forwarder as an alias

From ULYSSIS documentation

NoticeTo use a forwarder as an alias, access to the KU Leuven SMTP server is required

Since 24 February 2023, not all students have access to by default anymore. If you are unable to send emails after following the instructions outlined in our documentation, then you may have to register on to (re)gain SMTP access.

If you have your own domain, it's very easy to use Forwarders to forward email from addresses under your own domain to other email addresses at external providers or your ULYSSIS mailbox. While you can always reply with the address of that external provider or the address of your mailbox, it's often preferred to also use the address of your own domain when replying to messages or starting conversations. In that case you will want to configure an alias for your forwarder.

While you are free to use whatever provider, email application or webmail application you prefer, we have step-by-step manuals available for some specific case. You can find them listed here: