Introduction to ULYSSIS email

By default, any ULYSSIS account comes with a single email address, specifically your username on our main domain, You can either use this address as your only mailbox, or as a forwarder to another email address. You can find more information about your mailbox here.

For any other addresses, you will need a domain (for example a .com or .be). It is possible to have a domain already connected to your ULYSSIS account as a regular website, but not activated for email. It is also possible to use a domain just for email and not for a website. More information about adding and activating domains can be found here. Keep in mind ULYSSIS does not currently sell domains.

If you have an email domain activated on your account, you will be able to add forwarders in our control panel [[1]]. You can create as many forwarders as you like, and have the addresses forward to a single address or several. Lots of organisations use forwarders as an easy way to contact a team of people responsible for a certain task, for example your PR team or the president of your organisation.

Since forwarders relay emails to one or several addresses, you may want to reply using the forwarder address instead of your personal one. In that case you want to add an alias. We offer instructions for our own webmail, the Thunderbird email client, Gmail and Hotmail/

Currently we do not offer mailboxes for your own domains, only the single mailbox that comes with your account by default.

If you have any further questions about email, you can always contact our team at