Using a forwarder as an alias

You may want to send an email from your @ulyssis address or one of your forwarders. You can do this using the ULYSSIS Webmail (for other clients see Add an alias in Gmail, Add an alias in Thunderbird and Add an alias in Hotmail/Outlook)

  1. Login into the webinterface using your ulyssis account and passsword
  2. Go to Settings (dutch: Instellingen) in the top right
  3. Go to Identities (dutch: Identiteiten)
  4. Click on the plus sign in the bottom left
  5. Fill the alias you want to use in in the Email (dutch: E-mail) field and the name you want to be displayed in front of the address in the Display Name (dutch: Weergavenaam) field. All the other fields are optional.
  6. Click on Save (dutch: Opslaan)

You can now select the alias when creating an email in the webinterface.